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Hey y'all! I know, it's been a while! Before we get into some things, I want to thank you all for your support over the past few months! Our Pride collection was so well received, it was honestly an amazing feeling... if I remember correctly, I CRIED LOL! The love was over whelming, I was going through a lot personally so it meant soooo much to me! Y'all are amazing! Also just a heads up, I will start utilizing our blog again! It's almost Fall & Winter, seasonal depression is REAL so we have to be here for each other, plus I think it's a nice way to communicate with you all. Like I mentioned in past blogs, please don't be afraid to comment & interact with me! Honestly, if I see people interacting with our blog that'll make me continue to post. I've said enough though, let's get into some THANGS shall we?

What is a Custom Shop? What will it consist of?

Our Custom Shop will consist of high quality blank pieces that gives you all the opportunity to create custom pieces that compliments who you are & what you stand for. We are starting with providing you all with Organic Cotton Hoodies, Sweatshirts & Sweatpants. We'll be releasing MULTIPLE different colors of each style! We'll provide you all with consultations via chat or zoom to help you create your master piece! We will have a graphic designer on hand too! Our Custom Shop will also contain some 1 0f 1 pieces made by yours truly! In our next blog post we will discuss the direction of where UNSTABLE is going & how things will change! Now... lets get into these questions!

Question: Will you be designing strictly with rhinestones?

Answer: For now, yes. We are already known for rhinestones so we will continue to design with rhinestones for the time being. If you didn't know, the design aspect of our pieces are created by hand. To keep it that way, we will continue to stick to our strength which is rhinestones. We will be introducing Embroidery after the Custom Shop is officially launched as well!

Question: Are there any limitations?

Answer: That varies! You can order as many pieces you want as long as you have the coin & we have the stock! You also can buy the blank pieces if you want for the base price of whatever those pieces are valued at. As far as designing, there are limitations. To protect our brand from any legal trouble, we cannot & will not create anything that's already copywritten. All designs must be originally created! Unfortunately I can't recreate any Disney characters or anything of that sort! I also cannot make designs using your favorite sports team logo too! I would need a license in order to do that. However, I can create something using the color scheme of your favorite team!

Question: Are payment plans available?

Answer: As of right now, you have the option to pay upfront or to split your payment. Half will be due upfront so we can start production, the other half will need to be paid once production is done. We will not give you your custom pieces until we receive the full payment.

Question: Production and Delivery time frame?

Answer: Since they are all handmade, Production should take 2-3 weeks. Once we receive the first payment, production time will start. If you would need it sooner PLEASE mention it during the consultation so we can give you a realistic estimate based on the information you give us. Delivery would be between 3 to 5 Business days for regular shipping. Express shipping will take 1-2 days. If you reside in the Pittsburgh Area, Contact Delivery is an option, once you get the notification that your order is ready, you'll be able to pick an hour window for when you would like your pieces to be delivered!

Question: How can we inquire about custom orders?

Answer: As of right now I am taking orders before the Custom Shop is officially launched on the website! You can email us at with a brief description of what you want. We'll respond back to you in 24 hours about setting up a consultation. We will be charging a small consultation fee of $10 for an hour!

Question: How will the sizing run on the new pieces?

Answer: Everything is unisex so it'll fit true to size to a certain extent. The blank pieces are from a vendor we are very familiar with. The Hoodies fit true to size, ranging from Small to 4xL. The Crewneck Sweatshirts run true to size, ranging from Small to 3XL. The Sweatpants are a little roomy for some which is why they range from XS-2XL. My models in the past who had a small hoodie needed an XS in the pants when they are usually a Small in bottoms.

Question: Any bundle deals?

Answer: First things first, we have something called Rhinestone Insurance! It's a monthly subscription that includes free rhinestone restorations AND... 15% off ALL custom orders that you place! Check that out! Go to our Main Menu then click Pricing Plans. Besides that, from Black Friday up until Christmas we'll be offering bundle deals so stay tuned to get the tea!

Question: Any design templates?

Answer: Yes! We will have some already made fonts for you all to use! Graphic wise, this is something that we'll add more of over time. Based off of the seasons & holidays, we will have some rhinestone templates created!

Question: Are we able to use different color rhinestones?

Answer: Yes! We will actually have a catalog of 21 different rhinestone shades to show you during your consultation!

This is our first round of questions asked! If you have anymore questions you can comment it under this post, send it in our Instagram DM or email us at Stay tuned for Part 2 & our blog post about our rebrand! Much Love! Fall is officially here tomorrow so don't sleep!

- Love, GG

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