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What To Expect From Our Blog.

Hi again! It's me, Griffin. Thank you to everyone who viewed & liked my first blog post. It got some good feedback, some of you appreciated my moment of vulnerability which is reassuring because opening up can be scary. That is why I'm creating this second blog post. I want to let you guys know what this blog will be used for and, how I need your guys' help! I want to use this blog to talk about real-life things. As you may have picked up from my last post, Unstable is not just a clothing line. I will probably say that a thousand more times lol! Enough rambling, let's get into it!

So, I have a plan for our blog posts. I want this to be a space where we can talk about things like mental health, healing, wellness and, even the negative aspects of mental health too. I also think it's necessary to have a balance of things to talk about so if we want to have a day where it's not so serious, we can talk about pop culture, fashion, love, literally ANYTHING! Ultimately, the goal is to just create a safe place for not just me but most importantly, for you all as well! I want to respect you all, so if you ever need to talk and would like to be anonymous, you all have that right! Once more people feel interested enough to engage, I would like to make this a reoccurring thing. It'll be something that we all can look forward to and we can exchange our different views in a respectful manner! We all live different lives but have been through similar situations, so how cool would it be to be able to come together and help each other grow? Let me know what you all think about this, you can comment or like this post!

k, bye for now!

- Love, GG

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